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Centre Stage Casting Agency is where our Actors and Actresses get the chance to work CENTRE STAGE. We are a company that looks after and provides numerous opportunities for actors in TV, Film, Theatre, Models and Television extras.

We supply television companies, film producers, casting directors, photographic companies, video producers and other media companies with actors for work in everything, from Soap to Feature Films, Whether its a crowd scene or featured parts in television commercials Centre Stage Casting Agency has the right person for the job.

We have over the years, developed long-term relationships with many top UK casting professionals throughout the UK because of our brand of talented, quality actors. To be considered for our books, actors need to have a mix of artistic skill with enthusiasm and an outstanding attitude and work ethic.
Centre Stage Casting represent both adult and child performers, with a range of talents that enables us to recommend actors that fit our clients’ briefs. We aim to recommend, the actors that fit the brief and those that possess confidence, skill  and professionalism.
Our Actors are individually selected by us and many of them are professionally trained at the UK’s leading performing arts academies. For example, for Theatre and West End work, professional training is essential and therefore we only send graduates of the highest standards. However, for other contracts, we also pride ourselves on finding children with no prior experience but who have the natural talent and potential to go far.
We do however, take child protection seriously. To view information on actors under the age of 16, you will need to contact us for access.