Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan

Deborah McEwan


Deborah McEwan



2014, Stage, Abbie, TABLETOP GAMES, Wild Edric Media, Jules Woodman

2013, Stage, Abbie, TABLETOP GAMES, Appletree Theatre Company, Jules Woodman

2013, Stage, Clytemnestra, ELECTRA, Jadis Shadows Productions, Zak Marsh

2013, Stage, Bottom, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Jadis Shadows Productions, Zak Marsh

2013, Stage, Margaret Beaufort, NOW IS THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT, Jadis Shadows Productions, Zak Marsh

2013, Stage, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, ELIZABETH BATHORY, Jadis Shadows, Zak Marsh

2013, Stage, Moll's Mother/Governess, MOLL FLANDERS, Jadis Shadows, Zak Marsh

2013, Stage, Mary Pritchard, THE LONG ROAD, Blank Canvas Theatre, James Bolger/John Richard Glover

2012, Stage, Mortimer, EDWARD II, Jadis Shadows Productions, Zak Marsh

2012, Stage, Mrs Slack/Little Old Man, ROMANCE IS DYING, Demolition Theatre Company, Roger Camden

2011, Stage, Lady Fidget, THE COUNTRY WIFE, Jadis Shadows Productions, James Tudor

2011, Stage, Fanny Nightingale/Mary Seacole's maid, POLITE ASSASSINS, Green Gorilla Theatre Company, Roux Gilbear/Zak Marsh

2011, Stage, Yelena Popova, THE BEAR, Rumchum Theatre Company, John Richard Glover/Perry Moore

2011, Stage, Tiffany, BREAKFAST WITH TIFFANY, He's Spartacus, David Wake

2010, Stage, Lady Bethnel/Maid, POLITE ASSASSINS, Green Gorilla Theatre Company, Roux Gilbear

2010, Stage, Meg Page, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, Crescent Theatre Company, Robert F Ball

2010, Stage, Bargewoman/Magistrate's Clerk/Motorist Monica, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, Crescent Theatre Company, Keith Harris

2009, Stage, Shipley/Blind Person, BLACK JOAN, Green Gorilla Theatre Company, Roux Gilbear

2009, Stage, Multiple Roles, WAR AND PEACE, Birmingham Theatre School, Chris Rozanski

2009, Stage, Jeremiah, THE CASTLE, Birmingham Theatre School, Lucy Nicholls

2009, Stage, Napoleon, ANIMAL FARM, Birmingham Theatre School, Lucy Nicholls

2008, Stage, Councillor Gwyneth Williams, ABERFAN - THE DAY THE SILENCE CAME, Birmingham Theatre School, Lucy Nicholls


2013, Feature Film, Miri Sweetland, PORCELAIN PRESENCE, Breaking Bones Productions, Emily Bibb, Chris Jay

2013, Feature Film, Weasel's Mum, THE HOOLIGAN FACTORY, Think Big Productions, Nick Nevern

2013, Feature Film, Auction House Millionaire, YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA 2, YPD Films, Sangeeth Sivan

2012, Feature Film, Microscope Lady, BLADDER RUN, Steel Sapphire Productions, Mark Hevingham

2010, Feature Film, Mourner/Protester, ARJUN & ALISON, Sid Said Sid Productions, Sid Sharma

2010, Feature Film, Olga, VODKA AND CHIPS, Thunderstruck Films/Walktall Productions, Lex Dovak

2010, Feature Film, Mrs Phil, A BIT TOO FAR, Zosted Ventures, Chinelo Uzoigwe


2014, Rehearsed Reading, Anna, VARNISH, Cucumber Writers, Matthew Warburton

2014, Rehearsed Reading, Vicky, EM, Cucumber Writers, Matthew Warburton

2014, Short Film, Hazel, ABSOLUTION, Firefall Entertainment, Jamie L Hunt

2014, Television, Freda Bradbury, WPC 56, BBC, Niall Fraser

2013, Rehearsed Reading, Her, GOODBYE, Cucumber Writers, Matthew Warburton

2013, Rehearsed Reading, Poppy, GONE TO THE DOGS, Cucumber Writers, Matthew Warburton

2013, Rehearsed Reading, Julie, TEA & CONVERSATION, Cucumber Writers, Matthew Warburton

2013, Short Film, Janet, KIN, Shadow Lake Productions, Chris Hammond

2013, Rehearsed Reading, Lizzie, LIZZIE AND JOHNNIE, Matthew Warburton

2013, Rehearsed Reading, Pam, ROADSIDE BOUQUETS, Matthew Warburton

2013, Rehearsed Reading, Ros, CAMPING, Matthew Warburton

2013, Short Film, Cath, STAND UP, Matt Melling

2012, Rehearsed Reading, Emily, FLATPACK ARMAGEDDON, Rogue Play, Kim Charnock

2012, Rehearsed Reading, Rebecca, VANITY, Rogue Play, Kim Charnock

2012, Internet, Mrs Slater, DOCTOR WHO PROJECT - EPISODE ONE - "BRAINSTORM", Basement Film Group, Andy Dodd

2012, Short Film, Nathan's Mother, GRANDIOSE, Quick and Painless Productions, Shaun Jacques

2012, Short Film, Wife, STANDING STILL, LR Productions, Lorna Ryan

2012, Radio, Great Aunt Augusta Batty-Craddock, THE ENGAGEMENT, LM Productions, Lorna Meehan

2011, Short Film, The Stranger, LOVERS ON A CLIFF'S EDGE, Pathway Media Projects, Seeyam Brijmohun

2011, Internet, Izzy, CITY, GC Productions, Gordon Campbell

2011, Rehearsed Reading, Maddy, RECIPE FOR SUCCESS, Swan Players, Liz Parkes

2011, Rehearsed Reading, Leonora, THE FEARFUL ADVENTURE OF THE FISHING EXCURSION, Swan Players, Liz Parkes

2010, Short Film, Michelle Simmonds, THE BAILIFF, I-See Productions, Gareth Askew

2010, Short Film, Qamar, RADHA & SHYAM, Brijmohun Films, Seeyam Brijmohun

2010, Recording, Rachel, EVERYTHING HAPPENS TWICE, Khan Productions, Kiran Khan

2010, Rehearsed Reading, Adell, GET ME, FORGET ME, Drama And Some, Rachel Sambrooks

2008, Musical, Civil Defence Warden, BLITZ!, Birmingham Theatre School, Chris Rozanski